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Search engine optimization (SEO) is like any other industry…sometimes a few bad apples make their way into the bunch. Some professionals essentially gamed the system by utilizing “spam” tactics to achieve organic search results. This misguided approach may have worked for a while, but Google and other search engines caught on quickly…and those old-school techniques started hurting instead of helping.

At Koncius Digital Marketing, we believe that your digital marketing strategy starts with focusing on the end user. Web content should be created with the user in mind and optimized for spiders rather than for the benefit of bots. When it comes to SEO, we care about preserving your integrity. Our motto is, "don’t be sketchy."

These are just some of the SEO services we can provide to help you achieve your visibility goals:

  • Keyword Discovery
  • Baseline Reporting
  • Technical Auditing
  • Content Auditing

KDM provides the following digital marketing services: